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10 of the most luxurious casinos worldwide

Many gamblers on the net are probably more likely to ask themselves what are the best online casinos on the net than the question of luxury gambling halls in the real world. Nonetheless, these luxurious casino halls can be a source of inspiration. Maybe you want to create it yourself in such a luxury venue. Or you just dream about the life of the rich casino players in Las Vegas and the world of

Often Las Vegas is the casino city of the pivot for the search for luxury casinos. But in this day and age, there is much more to discover than this game city in the desert. As our Top 10 shows, the monopoly time of Las Vegas is long gone - nowadays there are impressive venues and luxury gaming facilities around the world.
1. The Venetian Macau (China)

Not only one of the most luxurious, but also one of the largest casinos in the world, waiting in China. The Venetian Macau makes dreams come true and is probably the land-based counterpart to the largest online casino in the world. A European-inspired luxury world in the middle of Asia is waiting.
2. The Bellagio (Las Vegas)

One of the most famous, classic casinos in the world - the well-known Bellagio, which has also played in tens of movies. So if you want to take a look, you can do so in films like The Hangover. It is and remains one of the most famous venues, and rightly so.
3. Casino Baden-Baden (Germany)

The first and only European casino of this top 10 list, the Casino Baden-Baden in Germany. Noble feeling, gold, pomp and a historical flair can be experienced in this already built in 1820 culture house, which houses this famous venue. A royal feeling is guaranteed here.
4. Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)


Hypermodern, this arcade is more or less the opposite of the historic Baden-Baden casino. Here there is high gloss and spaciousness, modern design elements and a gigantic large selection of slot machines and gaming tables. This building, known for its special appearance and particularly high construction costs, impresses not only from the outside, but also from the inside.
5. The Ritz Carlton, San Juan (Puerto Rico)

With views of the Atlantic Ocean, this casino invites you to dream. Hundreds of games await you in a setting that gives you both the luxury and the holiday mood.
6. The Wynn (Las Vegas)

As one of the most expensive hotels in Las Vegas, this building including casino has made a name for itself. Gigantic in every way - that's Wynn. A replica of it, which is almost as good, is now available in Macau.
7. Sun City Casino Resort (South Africa)

While South Africa may not be the first choice for luxury casino gaming, Sun City Casino Resort has made it to our list. Accessible with special sections only for those who are also prepared to go into the money (the high rollers), you can experience luxury and an exclusive feeling.
8. Park Hyatt Mendoza (Argentina)

A Spanish-style colonial building is home to Park Hyatt Mendoza. It impresses both externally and internally. Everything you expect from a luxury casino is here in abundance. A South American dream.
9. Foxwoods Resort Casino (USA)

With the location in the US, but not in Las Vegas, this venue stands out from all others. In this luxury casino with location in Connecticut, there are fun games for young and old - namely, three floors are reserved for the childish young players. Of course, this magnificent resort also offers plenty of fun for both experienced and adult gamers.
10. City of Dreams Macau (China)

Yes, the city of dreams - in terms of casino enjoyment - that exists in China. A gigantic city, which offers not only the luxury in the casino halls but also every imaginable luxury pleasure. With impressive size and impressive features you probably will not forget a visit to this "city" so fast.

Yes, China is now almost ahead of the most luxurious casino venues in the world. In any case, there is enough material for luxury dreams in all the casinos in the world. And even if you do not make it yourself, you can still dream a little bit.




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