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The London Olympics were announced before the start of this year as a highlight. Now it is over soon and the athletes get ready. Some have already arrived in London and meet their local preparations.

But in the preparations put in front of not only the athletes themselves, but also the bookmakers and online casinos are preparing for a special event. The mobile slots sites Games provide a good foundation for the gaming companies to use this for their own best rated online casinos.

Various highlights and activities in the online casinos available. Thus, for example in several InterCasino, presented different actions on this issue. With the "Inter Games 2012" the beginning of the Olympic Games should be heralded. The actions of the players, of course, there is the opportunity to receive special bonuses.

For example, players can use the prize code "IG1", a deposit of at least $ 50 and the players as they earn at least 900 points, players can receive a special bonus of $ 50. Overall, this code can be used more than ten times earnings and thus the players can get a total bonus of a total of $ 500. The action will be offered until the end of the month on the website of the online casino.

In addition to this no deposit bonus casino, it will still be another, the 30th of July 12 to August was recognized. For this purpose, the code "IG2" and used. A deposit of at least $ 20 In this case, the code ten times available and players can bet on the numbers get to their favorite games up to 25 percent to $ 100. Suitable for the Olympic Games at the Inter Casino these particular actions involving any additional profits and thus make the Olympics for gaming fans more special.

In addition to the Miracle Casino as the provider Miracle also offers special highlights match at the Olympics. Here's a new slot machine is presented, which is called "Wild Games".

The players get here about the possibility even in this slot on its own Olympics participate. In addition to the large jackpot-winning good players are also awarded medals and trophies. The athletes at the Olympic Games from Miracle are wild animals with which the player can achieve a 100-fold payment of the free spins keep what you win no deposit.


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