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best gambling platform Gambling on the net - a pastime that is growing in popularity. And the market reacts to this with a steadily increasing number of gaming platforms and online casinos, so that there is really the right page for every taste.

But which online casino is the best of all these offers? How do you find out if a site is legitimate and trustworthy? What should one focus on when assessing a platform? What do you have to consider in order not to miss the best online casinos with honest real money payouts and good bonuses ?

All these questions have to be answered if you want to find the best gambling site on the net. It may sound a bit complex, but it's not that hard as long as you keep in mind the following three main aspects.
The safety aspect

Any consideration of gaming platforms must start at this point. Because only if a game site also provides the required security for the player, such a site comes into question in the first place. So that means that it makes sense to clarify the question of security from all other aspects. In order to do this, it is important to pay attention to two points:

Basically, a page must have a license to be considered. You can not make an exception here. A license means that the site is regulated and controlled by the authority of a state. Casinos online licenses are often scam sites and should therefore be avoided in any case.

Data protection:

Since one often reveals personal, sensitive data on casino websites, all data transmission on game sites in the network must be encrypted with high security standards. A look at the privacy category in the terms and conditions provides information about this point.
The game aspect

The selection of the games that provides a page is in a practical sense very important - because only if you also find games that meet the personal taste, you like to stay on a game page. But personal taste is not everything yet. There are a few points that show you are most likely to have a reliable and reputable address on a gaming site:
Software Vendor:

Renowned software providers are not only a sign of good game quality, but basically also a good gaming site. These games cost the provider a lot of money and are therefore difficult to get for a page. If you find games from companies such as Novomatic, NetEnt, Merkur, Playtech or Microgaming, this is a good sign.
Diversity of the offer:


In the offer itself should then be enough variety available. Because even if you usually sit at the same machine, you will want to try out other games after some time. And exactly then you look forward to a wide selection. A balanced selection features slots, table games and poker. A live casino is another plus.

The transparency in the category of games and game selection means that the payout percentages are freely visible. These odds represent what percentage of profit the casino makes (house edge) and how many percent of the deposits are returned to the players (RTP, measured on average).
The monetary aspect

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